Monday, 5 May 2014

PDA vs Laptops

The marketplace for mobile devices is always evolving.
PDA can now do a myriad of functions from email, web browsing,Wi-Fi, cameras, music, mobile telephony, word processing, spreadsheets, GPS and many more

A PDA scores in these areas: 

  • The trend is towards smaller and smaller handheld gadgets.
  • Its small size allowing you to carry it anywhere with convenience. You can just slip it in your pocket and when there is a need just pop it out and do your work or play. A typical PDA weighs less than 200 grams compared to an ultra -light notebook which weighs at least a kilogram.
  • When you are out in the field for critical operations , the last thing you need is a laptop out of power. A normal laptop lasts the most 5 or 6 hours whereas some PDA accommodate AAA batteries which easily last for a month. You won't fall flat during critical operation.
  • A PDA is understandably cheaper than a laptop. A PDA can cost 500 dollars whereas Laptops can cost as much as $ 3,000. PDA software is also more affordable than Laptop software.

Of course, the laptop wins in several aspects. 

  • Typing or data entry is more difficult and slower with a pda compared with a larger keyboard for a laptop.
  • The specs are more powerful .
  • The processors , memory and storage are much better in a laptop enabling you to work with greater efficiency and speed.
  • It is easier to view your work on a much larger screen on a laptop.
  • You can watch DVD movies, do video editing
  • Even laptops are fighting off this new competition by becoming smaller and lighter.
  • Lastly, you can do slideshow presentation with a laptop.


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